I Ching Reading on Shambhala Day 2014

Hexagram 14: Possession in Great Measure / Sovereignty

Hexagram 41: Decrease / Decline ♦

Overall summary: A person in a position of leadership (each of us in our daily lives) can be of benefit by finding meaningful ways to contribute without adopting a competitive attitude or acting out. Possession in great measure refers to the state of self-possession and inner abundance we have achieved through perseverance and sincerity, and to the effect we have on others that comes from our clarity of mind, detachment, and inner strength. Decrease is a call to sacrifice all forms of self-importance, including feelings of anger and retribution, which occur when we feel forced into a seemingly impossible situation. There is a general emphasis on humility, simplicity, inner strength, and expressing the true sentiments of our hearts for the good of the community.

– This summary was taken, in part, from I Ching translation by Carol Anthony, and interpreted by Miriam Klotz, Ian Powell, and Melinda Rothouse