Austin LGBT Dharma Group

Buddha_for_Queer_SanghaAustin LGBT Dharma Group is a Buddhist-oriented group whose purpose is to provide a gay/lesbian/transgender-friendly environment for genuine exploration of Buddhist teachings and how they apply to our lives. The group is meant to foster a safe environment where people can form a non-judgmental community based on openness, curiosity and gentleness, and where we can make friends with ourselves and others in the most genuine way.

We are graciously hosted by the Austin Shambhala Meditation Center. People of all spiritual-contemplative traditions are welcome. You are also welcome even if you’re not on a particular spiritual path. We just ask that you have some curiosity and interest in meditation and the Buddhist teachings.

Meetings will begin with a brief meditation instruction and silent sitting practice. After that we will explore a host of topics, including Buddhist teachings, coming out and other sexuality issues, finances, and death and dying (just to name a few). We look forward to having speakers from various Buddhist traditions, including Shambhala, Zen and others. We will socialize afterward with tea, coffee and snacks.

This group is currently on hiatus.

Suggested Donation: $5

For more information or if you have questions Ted Ross at [email protected] or call Ted at 512-750-5195.

Also, please visit our Austin LGBT Dharma Group Facebook page.