Membership Dues

New members are asked to contribute financially on a monthly basis. The amount of your membership contribution is a
personal decision that reflects your own situation and connection. Please consider what amount works for you. You
can now subscribe online to pay your dues with a credit card. To do so requires signing up for a PayPal account.

If you are able to volunteer around the center, please let us know what sort of things you’d like to do. There are
many ways to help!

To change your monthly amount, unsubscribe below and then return to this page
to sign up at a different monthly amount.


If you prefer not to create a PayPal account, would like to pay a different amount,
or prefer to donate via ACH withdrawal, please download the
ASMC New Member Form
and complete it front and back. Send this with a cancelled check or savings deposit slip to:

Austin Shambhala Mediation Center
c/o Christine Wetzl, Center Manager
1702 South Fifth Street
Austin, Texas 78704