Enlightened Society Assembly with Acharya Emily Bower and TBA

August 3rd—August 11th

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  • $880 Standard price
  • $1080 Patron price
  • $100 Suggested Donation
  • ($80.00 Material Fee included in each price.)
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Room: Main Meditation Hall
The Enlightened Society Assembly (ESA) is a South Central USA (SCUSA) Regional event inviting people from all over the world to come and help manifest the principles of basic goodness in order to create a good human society. The Austin Shambhala Meditation Center is delighted to be hosting this event.  Early registration continues until June 15th, 2018.  Prices will rise steadily after that... 


In order to include all of Enlightened Society, we are pleased to offer a concurrent Enlightened Children's Program to make attending more accessible for families - and to actually manifast as a bona-fide society! The Children's Program curriculum will mirror the Adult ESA curriculum and the two groups will come together throughout the Assembly.  For more information on the Enlightened Children's Program, please click here.

* Please note that August 12th is the departure day.
* Full participation is required (no early departures).


Patron ESA Student Tuition: $1080 (including materials)

Early Registration New ESA Student Tuition : $880 (including materials)

Early Registration Repeat ESA Student Tuition: $400 (no materials included)

Early Registration Deposit (listed as "Suggested Donation"): $100

* The listed tuition is the early registration price.  To secure this price, please register before June 15th by either paying the full tuition or by paying the non-refundable "suggested donation" of $100.    (The "suggested donation" will be your deposit.)  The balance of the tuition can be paid on site at the Assembly. 

If you have already attended ESA or Sutrayana Seminary and have completed the prerequisite programs (see below), you can register now with your $100 deposit!


Students wishing to attend the Enlightened Society Assembly should first have completed the programs listed below. You may apply now even If you have not completed all of the prerequisite programs but plan on completing them soon. Exceptions to these prerequisites will be made on a case by case basis by the Office of Practice and Education.


Note that prerequisites apply even if you have completed Sutrayana Seminary or Vajrayana Assemblies.

• Shambhala Levels I through V
• Everyday Life Series: (Meditation), Contentment, Joy, Fearlessness and Wisdom
• Rigden Weekend
• One Weekthun
Membership in Shambhala - either at a local center/group or in Shambhala International.

All first-time Enlightened Society Assembly candidates must apply (this does not include those of you who have completed Sutrayana Seminary).  Please go to https://apas.shambhala.info/.  At the bottom of the Enlightened Society Assembly section, there is a list of scheduled ESA programs.  Click on August 2018 at Austin, Texas.  Towards the bottom of that page, find the Austin program and click on  Apply .  Application Deadline: June 15, 2018


Once you receive notification of your application approval, just hit the button at the bottom of the page!


We realize that this program may seem a costly gathering!  Unlike the prerequisite programs, this assembly requires a large staff with several paid positions.  It also requires support resources that are not needed in the prerequisite programs.  But, by offering this program in an urban setting, we are also reducing costs for many - both in terms of dollars and time lost in travel - that are associated with our non-urban retreat centers where ESA historically takes place.
The standard program fee for first-time ESA participation is $880, including the $80 material fee.  For those participants who are able, and who are inspired to support others' ESA participation, we offer a patron price of $1080.  By being a patron, you will contribute directly to our ESA scholarship fund. 
If you are repeating ESA or have completed Sutrayana Seminary, the price is $400, and you do not have to apply. However, the prerequisites (see above) are required for everyone.

The tuition fee includes breakfast, snacks and beverages that will be offerred throughout the day, and two banquets. Except for the two banquets, it does not include daily lunches or dinners. There are several restaurants near the ESA venue, and it may be possible for us to offer simple, inexpensive lunches (such as chips and sandwiches) if there is enough interest.  Also, in an effort to help defray the costs, our housing committee is putting together economical accommodation options, including sangha housing. Please contact our Accommodation Contact, below.
There are many ways to get help with your tuition! Many students use crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe or The Offering Bowl to fundraise for their tuition and travel expenses. On these sites, you can start a petition and ask others to chip in toward your tuition. If you plan to bring what you learn at Enlightened Society Assembly to work with you, consider asking your employer for a scholarship. Many employers offer tuition benefits for programs that build your skills.  And don't forget about your home Shambhala Center!  Many Centers offer scholarships to help their sangha members attend programs.  Please also see our Finance Contact below for other helpful options!

All accepted students will participate in an Enlightened Society Assembly Preparation course on Shambhala Online. A link to register for the course will be provided in your acceptance letter. The cost of the course is $35 General / $50 Patron. The course will also provide additional resources and materials.
That's it for now! 

Once your application is approved, please return to this site to register!  

For more information about this Assembly, please get in touch with us!

Application Contact: Kate Raddock ([email protected])
Registration Contact: Rose Ann Mancias ([email protected])
Shambhala Benefits Contact: Kate Raddock ([email protected])
Financial Assistance and Payment Contact: Lisa Weston ([email protected])
Accommodations Contact: Anna Marie Francis ([email protected])
Travel Contact: Miguel Walker ([email protected])

For all other questions or concerns, please contact Lynette at [email protected]