Vajrayana City Retreat: Magnetizing the Greater Community - A Vajrayana Retreat Exploring Lineage, Samaya, and Sacred Outlook

with Acharya Melissa Moore

March 22nd—March 28th

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  • $420 Standard price
  • $500 Patron price
  • $50 Suggested Donation
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Room: Main Meditation Hall

Joining Acharya Melissa Moore will be guest talks from Shastris Larry Higgins, Linda Mockeridge, Betsy Pond, and Iris Ramos

We kindly ask that you register now with a non-refundable $50 deposit (listed above as "suggested donation") or pay the entire $420 fee.

The practice sessions and many of the talks are specific to those who have completed Vajrayana Seminary or Sacred World Assembly.

A week of intensive vajrayana practice with intermittent talks by senior teachers in Shambhala, community activities, and some sharing of our experiences. The retreat is being crafted with an effort to include everyone in the community; both old and new vajrayana students, ngondro, practitioners of Vajrayogini, Chakrasamvara and Scorpion Seal. Everyone will be accommodated to practice in the same room, with some break out space for practices that call for privacy.

Talks and experiential explorations will be offered on lineage, samaya, and sacred outlook. This is an invitation to practice great equality and great purity in meeting and holding space for a multiplicity of views, doubts and provocative upheavals on the path in these challenging times. Together we aspire to cultivate a more inclusive view of the sangha, stabilize and widen our view of lineage, and explore our experience of basic Vajrayana principles such as samaya and sacred outlook.

Shortly after registration, you will choose a lineage figure, either a nirmanakaya or a sambhogakaya form of being, that is, either a real historical person or a yidam. Once you choose this lineage representative, you are then asked to do a little research and come to the program prepared to tell the group about this being -- specifically on lineage day, a picnic and community celebration of lineage hosted by the vajrayana community. We will also visit these lineage figures intermittently throughout the week. Your presentation on your lineage representative can be offered as simply or creatively as you like and should not exceed three minutes. We value pithiness.

We also aspire to hold space in this retreat open to the greater Austin Shambhala community and the retreat will open its doors on three occasions:

  • Community Celebration of Lineage: Sunday, March 24, 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM, a free picnic and community celebration of lineage hosted by the Vajrayana community
  • Open House and Talk on Yeshe Tsogyal: Tuesday, March 26 at 7 PM

The aspiration is to include community and expand our Vajrayana practice beyond the walls of our shrine rooms into society and support what the greater sangha holds together as sacred.

For financial assistance, please contact Lynette Melnar.

Fulfilling Residential Group Practice Requirements

This retreat meets residential group practice requirements for Werma, Rigden Ngondro, and Scorpion Seal, and there will also be special sessions for Scorpion Seal practitioners.

We encourage everyone to participate fully; however if you are working or occupied then part-time participation is permitted. We require that you attend full days; morning to late afternoon, to maintain a strong container. It may be the case that some groups might have a "two consecutive days of a group practice" clause in their SWA, RA or SS take-home residential group practice instructions. Students will need to know their own group practice requirements.

For part-time participation, the full per-day price is $75 with lunch.