Leadership Gathering: Joining Heaven & Earth

October 26th

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall

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    Saturday October 26.  8:45-12:00

    Shambhala offers but is more than a container of wisdom traditions or a path of programs, practices, forms and activities. Shambhala reminds us to awaken to the one taste that informs everything we are and do, the principles and values of wakefulness and accommodation. How can we bring this into both the spiritual and secular activities of our everyday lives? How can we reconnect with these principles and values as we move into the coming year? Where have we been and where are we going?

    Two years ago our leadership gathered to set a direction for the coming years. We were unaware of the tumult and sense of groundlessness waiting on the near horizon. Now that things feel a bit more settled, we can explore ways to rely on core teachings as we move forward. What would that look like? How can we use our wisdom and discernment in exploring what to accept and what to reject? Who are we and who do we want to be?

    People who are members of our sangha are invited to explore these fundamental questions, as we set the course of our journey into 2020. Our response to these questions should inform our personal and collective leadership, guiding the activities we choose to carry us into the near future. We want to hear from all of you as we consider activities for the coming year.

    From the ASMC Council:

    Lauren Newton, Center Director

    Jason Mabry, Director of Practice & Education

    Miriam Klotz, Head of Shambhala Educators

    Lynn Wolfe, Representative of Culture

    Roger Duncan, Chagdzo (finance)

    David Maynard, Societal Health & Wellbeing

    Billy Boyar, Maintenance and Operations

    Kris Patterson, Head of Kasung

    Palmer Mclean, Children and Families

    Adam Sultan, Shambhala Arts