Public Talk: Resilient Culture: Collective Awakening Through Conflict

with Geoff Cox

September 13th

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  • $10.00 Suggested Donation
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Room: Main Meditation Hall

If we are really paying attention, we realize that conflict is all around us and deep inside of us. Can you feel it right now? How we relate to the moment-to-moment tensions and polarities arising inside us and in our relationships, community and politics is what defines what is possible in our lives and world.


In community, conflict is so often what threatens group cohesion, evolution, and the full-hearted embrace of our deepest values. In this evening talk, we will ask the question, "What does a culture look like that uses conflict as fuel for both awakening and deep engagement with the world?" In other words, "How is conflict good news?"


We will learn a meditation practice for both becoming aware of and liberating the micro-conflicts that show up in our meditation practice, and we will also explore the broad strokes and foundational principles for creating resilient spiritual community.  


This evening talk will offer a small taste of the deep, embodied training from the Basic Goodness of Conflict weekend program from the 14-15th of September. We strongly encourage you to attend the weekend training if you are interested in exploring the liberative potential of conflict.


For folks attending the weekend training, this evening talk is recommended but not required. 




About the speaker: Geoff Cox is a conflict transformation facilitator who has been studying and working in the fields of spiritual development, conflict transformation, embodiment, relational mindfulness and trauma healing for over ten years. He teaches mindful communication and embodied leadership at UVA, leads teen and adult meditation retreats, and mentors young meditation leaders around the country in facilitating the practice of Social Meditation, a meditative practice in social engagement and communication.  Geoff is also a certified Integral Facilitator™, a licensed acupuncturist, a trauma-informed bodyworker and Qi Gong teacher, and a certified Integral Professional Coach™. He is also trained as a meditation instructor and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.  He is currently doing intensive training with Diane Musho Hamilton, award-winning mediator and teacher of Integral Spirituality and Zen.