Contemplating Chaos

with Miriam Hall

March 7th—March 8th

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Room: Main Meditation Hall
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The world is a combination of chaos and order. In fact, there is more order where we think there is chaos, and more chaos where we think there is order. That is because the human concepts of “chaos” and “order” don’t match reality.

This course uses perceptual practices like Miksang Contemplative Photography, Contemplative Writing, sound work, movement, embodiment, as well as compassion practices, and meditation sessions to help us move closer to a direct relationship with chaos. When we can relate directly with chaos, we can liberate ourselves and potentially others. When we stop trying to control what we perceive to be chaos, we find natural order where we didn’t see it in the first place. And when we encounter the incomprehensible pain, suffering, and complexity of our world, we learn to abide with a sense of stability so we can better weather the storm.

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Teacher: Miriam Hall, Madison, WI.  Miriam teaches Miksang Photography and is a co-founder of Nalanda Miksang; Contemplative Writing, movement, and social justice; and Karuna Training.  She teaches in North America and Europe, as well online.
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*photo by Sanford Wyatt*