Orderly Chaos: Miksang Level III

with Miriam Hall

March 7th—March 8th (2020)

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    Room: Alaya

    In Level III Miksang begins to explore the areas we bracket out while immersing ourselves in the harmony of Level I-II. In Level III, we explore how the eyes move, how our sense of visual instability determines mood, interactions with the world, and how we work with impermanence.

    Through first a series of new forms, then a selection of new fields as topics, we begin to question our perceptions of the world in a way that can be ultimately liberating.

    The class is open to people who have taken Miksang Levels I and II.

    Miksang Contemplative Photography is a perception practice we experienced through taking pictures. You can find more on the Nalanda Miksang website.

    Miriam Hall is the director of Nalanda Miksang International, and the second most senior teacher behind John McQuade. She is also co-author of two definitive books on Nalanda Miksang, "Looking and Seeing", and "Heart of Photography" with John McQuade. Miriam presents Nalana Miksang across North America and Europe, and teaches online as well. Visit her website www.herspiral.com