Protector Principle

with Billy Boyar & Lynette Melnar

November 7th—November 21st

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In this program we will explore, contemplate, and practice the Buddhist principle of protection.  According to our habitual ego mind, we see ourselves as victims—victims of society, victims of circumstance, victims of a nihilistic universe. When we experience painful negativity, we hide or become aggressive. The Buddhist approach to protection flips that completely. As Buddhists we see how experiencing negativity can actually wake us up. It can cut through our habitual ego mind and show us mind’s true nature, which is open, aware, and sacred. When the protectors come toward us, with their fangs and skulls, we greet them with respect and offerings, because we know who they are—the Mind of Great Compassion.

In particular, we will give special attention to Ekajati, Mahakala, and the Mamos, as well as the Kasung practice of protection, with their motto: Victory over war!


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