Transforming Unwanted Circumstances into the Path of Enlightenment

with Acharya Moh Hardin

January 16th—January 17th

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This difficult and dangerous time inspires an aspiration to be more wakeful in our lives in order to help ourselves and our world. This requires both the bravery and the skillfulness to do so.

The word bodhisattva means “awake being.” On the path of the bodhisattva warrior there is a tradition of training the mind based upon the understanding that whatever occurs in our life is not considered an interruption or an obstacle, but rather is a precious opportunity to wake up. There are specific instructions on how to use the unwanted, unforeseeable circumstances of our lives as the actual material for awakening.

The wisdom and skillfulness these instructions contain are both timeless and extremely timely. In this zoom retreat, let’s explore together their profundity and application to the real situations we are facing day to day.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Colleen Roundhill.

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