2023 Harvest of Peace Campaign - DONATE HERE!

September 13th—November 12th

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Room: Online
"Generosity is the virtue that produces peace. The prosperity of the bodhisatvas is inexhaustible, filling the whole of space. In order to obtain such prosperity, completely propagate that generosity."   - excerpted from traditional Tibetan meal chant
Harvest of Peace is the time of year when our Austin center engages in its annual fundraising to support our local needs. The focus of our efforts is on necessary upkeep and improvements to our properties along with the operational needs of the center. 
We will be hosting 3 on-site events - you may choose to give in-person at that time or here online anytime you like throughout the season by November 12.

Our goal this fundraising season is to raise $25,000. 

  • Up to $5000 would be used to balance this year's budget (it hopefully will be less, but we were just informed of property and liability insurance coverage unexpectedly quadrupling!
  • Retention of professional services to assist us with completion of funded projects stalled due to COVID and lack of labor (pergola and wheelchair ramp.) 
  • Multiple necessary repairs/improvements to our facilities including a new roof, installing donated system dehumidifier, and installing insulation into the attic.
  • Jinji Willingham has generously stepped in to oversee landscaping and she is going to require a budget (currently non-existent) in order to nuture our trees and gardens back to health after this brutal summer.  This will also include repairs to the irrigation system, removal of the defunct pond, and trimming the large Smith House oak away from the Smith House building.


To make a one-time donation, follow this link and please select the Harvest of Peace designation directly beneath your contribution amount. Our Donorbox application allows you to give with any credit card of your choosing, via ApplePay or GooglePay, or with a one-time draft from your bank account.

If you wish to pledge at this time but pay at a later date or in installments, you may indicate your pledge by clicking the register button below.  We will send you invoices as reminders for any unpaid balances.  This method will require making payments through PayPal.


Membership dues remain the principal source of budget revenue, and raising monthly contributions will provide a stable base for center operations.


To increase your membership dues:

  • Most of us give via automatic monthly drafts directly from our bank accounts. Many give via our Donorbox application and some via a Paypal subscription. Whichever of these is the case for you, all you need to do is send an email to Christine with your instructions and it will be done. Legally, verbal instructions are not adequate - it needs to be in writing!
  • Those of you who give monthly or annually by check - please drop us a line to let us know of any intended changes so that we may track this year's campaign progress and plan accordingly.