Kagyu Ngondro practice

February 24th

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  • $5 Patron Price for Full Series
Room: Main Meditation Hall

This practice intensive occurs monthly on the fourth Saturday.  It is open to all those who have received the Kagyu Ngondro transmission.

Please bring your practice materials. 

The Kagyu Group is evolving. As of now, we are practicing the Kagyu Ngondro.  Anyone who has the Kagyu Ngondro transmission (from any Kagyu teacher) is welcome to join us in this practice.

We see ourselves as a part of a Ri-mé tradition, open and respectful to other Buddhist lineages and streams of teaching. In that regard, we look forward to opportunities to study and practice alongside others, on all levels: Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana

For more information, please contact Billy Boyar or Abbey Fox