Buddhist Studies

Vajrayana City Retreat: Magnetizing the Greater Community - A Vajrayana Retreat Exploring Lineage, Samaya, and Sacred Outlook

with Acharya Melissa Moore

March 22nd—March 28th

A week of intensive vajrayana practice week with intermittent talks by senior teachers in Shambhala, community activities, and sharing of our experiences. Continue »

Awakening Your Five Wisdom Energies: The Practice of Maitri

with Acharya Richard John

April 5th—April 7th

Working in the spacious and accommodating environment of Maitri, or loving kindness, one can begin to access the wisdom found at the heart of one’s most confused and difficult states of mind. Continue »

Sources of Shambhala Buddhism: Kagyu and Nyingma Traditions and the Drala lineage of Mukpo

with Adam Sultan

April 27th

An introduction to the central lineages and primary figures that comprise the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Continue »

The Great Mother of Wisdom: Shambhala Buddhist Teachings of the Sacred Feminine

with Iektje van Bolhuis

June 15th

Within our own being there is a dance of masculine and feminine energy that manifests in our minds, bodies, lives, society, and in the universe itself. Continue »