Generosity and Pricing Policy

The Austin Shambhala Meditation Center is joining Shambhala International in adopting a more comprehensive and uniform approach to generosity and pricing throughout the mandala. A pricing and generosity policy is a way to express and cultivate generosity in these ways:

  • Participants of average means can offer the full program price.
  • Participants who are able and inspired to do more can offer the patron price. Your generosity in offering the patron price helps provide additional support for Shambhala.
  • The center offers generosity in providing a full range of options for participants with limited means. Our generosity policy allows people to offer what they can towards the program cost. If the program price is an obstacle for you, please decide what works for you and offer whatever you can. We can work with you to spread your payments over two months, if that would be helpful. If cost still remains an obstacle, you might offer to volunteer at the center.


To arrange a reduced cost, please contact the following person in advance of the program. Please try to do this at least two weeks before the class begins.


Standard Prices

Our center operates almost entirely on income received from membership and class fees. Classes that are offered and the maintenance of our buildings depend upon this income. The following chart reflects the standard prices for classes at this time. This cost does not include the price of texts, which are a part of several classes and will be an additional charge.

course pricing

* It is very difficult for us to plan a program when we do not know the number of participants. Please help us by registering early. Price 1 is the program cost for registrations 11+ days before the 1st class. Price 2 is the program cost for registrations 10 or fewer days before the 1st class. You only have to register early (not pay early) to receive the Price 1 cost. You can pay at any time on or before the 1st day of class.