Buddhist Studies



The Shambhala community shares a 50-year practice and study heritage that is rooted in the ancient lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.  Shambhala supports study and practice of the three-yana path of Kagyu and Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism.

This includes the foundational Hinayana teachings on the origins of suffering and the antidote to suffering, the nature of mind, and the practice of meditation; the Mahayana cultivation of compassion, wisdom, and insight, skillful means for working with others, and understanding the play of the absolute and relative; and the special practices and methods of the Vajrayana, including visualization and mantra practices that help us discover our fundamental goodness and innate wisdom.

Shambhala provides common courses and shared practice opportunities for the Vajrayana practitioners within our community, and also provides space for students of different Vajrayana teachers to practice and study together.