New to Shambhala?

Our local center, centrally located just south of downtown Austin, offers free meditation instruction and public meditation hours. We also have many ongoing introductory programs.

Core Curriculum

The Way of Shambhala is an extensive path of training in authentic meditation practices and wisdom teachings. Contemplative Arts comprise a number of secular disciplines and activities, including flower arranging and photography.

Featured Programs

Dispelling the Darkness: Annual Children's Day Solstice Party

December 21st

Children of all ages and the whole community are invited to join in this favorite annual celebration. Continue »

People of Color Group

January 18th (2019)

Details coming! Continue »

The View and Practice of the Hinayana and Mahayana

with Shastri Larry Higgins

January 19th (2019)

This class is intended for students interested in exploring the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings, and is open to anyone interested in studying the material. Continue »

Mamo Chant Recitations

January 25th—February 3rd (2019)

The Mamo Chant is an elaborate protector offering traditionally recited during the last lunar month of the Tibetan year. By reciting the chant, we tune into the protector principle of awareness and reconnect with sacred outlook. Continue »