White Tara in the 6 Realms: Bringing Compassion to the Bardos of Everyday Life (Online)

with Susan Chapman

January 8th—January 29th

Tara, the female deity who symbolizes fearless compassion, arises in response to the suffering of the six realms, offering a merciful exit to our confusion. Continue »

Shambhala Sadhana Practice (On-site)

January 23rd

We gather as a community to engage in this profound practice so we can connect more fully with our hearts, each other and the world. Continue »

Werma Practice (On-site)

January 30th

Restricted to students who have received the Roar of Werma transmission. Continue »

Tonglen Practice for the Shambhala Community (Online)

February 7th

We need teachings, we need practices, and we need each other, not only to navigate these challenging times but to recognize the seeds of creating a good society Continue »

Dharma Raja Guru Yoga (restricted)

February 12th

Restricted to current vajrayana students of the Sakyong who have formally received the Dharma Raja Guru practice Continue »

The Mahayana Sutras (on-site and online)

with Billy Boyar

February 12th—March 5th

The Mahayana is vast, profound, and transformative. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Practice (On-site)

February 13th

Please see program details for eligibility. Continue »

Shambhala Day

March 3rd

Our annual celebration of the lunar new year (Losar) welcoming in the year of the Water Tiger. Continue »

Sadhana of Mahamudra (On-site)

March 12th

This sadhana is a binding factor for our community because students at all levels of practice can participate and receive a true experience or understanding of the spiritual path Continue »

Primordial Rigden Ngondro Practice (restricted)

April 9th

Restricted to current students of the Sakyong who have received the transmissions from him for primordial rigden ngondro and werma feast. Continue »