Cosmic Transitions and Personal Challenge

with Acharya Moh Hardin

February 6th

In this talk and discussion, we will explore some of the sane and helpful advice about opening to greater awareness offered by the Buddhist teachings. Continue »

The Four Noble Truths And the Path of Basic Sanity

with Acharya Moh Hardin

February 8th—February 9th

The first teaching of the Buddha was the Four Noble Truths: the noble truths of suffering, the origin of suffering, liberation from suffering, and the path that leads to liberation. Continue »

Ikebana Class

with Shastri Iris Ramos

February 22nd

Ikebana is the contemplative practice of expressing gentleness and elegance through the art of simple flower arrangement. Continue »

Contemplating Chaos

with Miriam Hall

March 7th—March 8th

This course uses perceptual practices like Miksang Contemplative Photography, Contemplative Writing, sound work, movement, embodiment, as well as compassion practices, and meditation sessions to help us move closer to a direct relationship with chaos Continue »

Shambhala Training Level 1: The Art of Being Human

with Shastri Iris Ramos

April 4th—April 5th

Mudra Space Awareness

with Shastri David Stone

May 2nd—May 3rd

A mind/body transformation method inspired by Tibetan Monastic dance, Maitri Space Awareness combines intense physical training with focused sensory awareness to unlock our inherent freedom and create a radical shift in our understanding of the mind/body Continue »