Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Ikebana Class

with Shastri Iris Ramos

February 22nd - Date postponed or cancelled

Ikebana is the contemplative practice of expressing gentleness and elegance through the art of simple flower arrangement. Continue »

The Heart of Chaos

with Miriam Hall

March 6th

In this evening talk, we discuss and explore ways of weathering the storms of our lives through opening to the heart-beating aliveness that chaos offers us. Continue »

Contemplating Chaos

with Miriam Hall

March 7th—March 8th

This course uses perceptual practices like Miksang Contemplative Photography, Contemplative Writing, sound work, movement, embodiment, as well as compassion practices, and meditation sessions to help us move closer to a direct relationship with chaos Continue »

Mudra Space Awareness

with Shastri David Stone

May 2nd—May 3rd

A mind/body transformation method inspired by Tibetan Monastic dance, Maitri Space Awareness combines intense physical training with focused sensory awareness to unlock our inherent freedom and create a radical shift in our understanding of the mind/body Continue »

Kyudo Intensive

with Toby Bernal

May 16th—May 17th

Arts Weekend Program

June 27th—June 28th

Ikebana Class

September 5th

Shambhala Arts Weekend

December 19th—December 20th