Become a Member of the Austin Center

The Austin Shambhala Meditation Center is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of our members and other donors to sustain our day-to-day operations.  The experience of being a member is enormously rewarding and allows you the opportunity to make a greater connection with our local Center, the teachings, and the larger Shambhala community.

By paying monthly dues, members help to pay basic operating expenses such as building maintenance, utilities, and staff.  The financial support of our members is also key to our being able to offer a Generosity Policy, which ensures that programs are financially accessible to all.  In addition to their monthly dues, many members often offer additional donations to various fundraising efforts throughout the year.

One of our biggest annual expenses are the fees we pay on credit card transactions – it is incredible how they add up to thousands of dollars a year.  Please consider selecting ACH payments which helps to cuts this expense almost in half, or consider covering the cost of your transaction fee altogether.  Everyone pitching in this way allows us to spend this money alternately on things like visiting teachers, scholarships, building repairs (which are constant) and community celebrations.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated – if you have any questions regarding membership – please contact Myia Little.  If you have particular questions regarding donations – please contact Christine Wetzl.