Let us cultivate a culture of kindness. In that moment, we are determining the outcome of the world.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


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New to Shambhala?

Our local center, centrally located just south of downtown Austin, offers free meditation instruction and public meditation hours. We have several ongoing introductory classes.

Katie Baingbridge

Core Curriculum

The Way of Shambhala is an extensive path of training in authentic meditation practices and wisdom teachings. Contemplative Arts comprise a number of secular disciplines and activities, including flower arranging and photography.

Featured Programs

Joy in Everyday Life

with Joanne Trubitt & Linda Murphy

March 24th—April 21st

The Joy in Everyday Life course is an exploration of how to understand and cultivate our genuine, joyful energy. This delightful energy is not just something to make us feel better. It is a profound and subtle element of warriorship. Continue »

Parinirvana of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche: 28th Anniversary Celebration

April 4th

Join us as we celebrate the amazing life and teachings of the Vidyadhara, the Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche on the twenty-eighth anniversary of his passing into parinirvana. Continue »

Public Talk on Shambhala Art and Miksang

with Miriam Hall & Melinda Rothouse

April 10th

Join us for a public talk on Shambhala Art and Miksang contemplative photography with visiting Shambhala Art and Miksang teacher Miriam Hall and resident Shambhala Art teacher and Miksang practitioner Melinda Rothouse. Continue »

Shambhala Art Parts 1 & 2

with Miriam Hall & Melinda Rothouse

April 11th—April 12th

Shambhala Art is art that springs from clear perception and pure expression and emphasizes the creative process in everyday life. This program is open to everyone; no specific artistic training or experience is needed. Continue »

Miksang Level 1

with Jessica Winslow

April 25th—April 26th

Miksang, or “good eye” in Tibetan, is a process of learning to synchronize mind and body, allowing one to open to the world without labeling or evaluating. No previous photographic experience is necessary, but participants will need a digital camera. Continue »