Shambhala Center Closings Related to Coronavirus

Dearest friends, I am writing to share some decisions I’ve come to after extensive discussions with members of our Council, our Shastris, and our Affinity Group leaders. These are the strangest of times — so much so that it is difficult to believe it is real and thereby to implement stringent precautions. Yet it is very … Continue 

I Ching Reading on Shambhala Day 2014

Hexagram 14: Possession in Great Measure / Sovereignty Hexagram 41: Decrease / Decline ♦ Overall summary: A person in a position of leadership (each of us in our daily lives) can be of benefit by finding meaningful ways to contribute without adopting a competitive attitude or acting out. Possession in great measure refers to the state of … Continue 

Euthanasia of a Pet: A Conversation

Excerpts of a conversation between Jake, who leads a group on end of life issues at the ASMC and Dawn whose 14 year-old dog Abbey was nearing the end of her life. ♦  Hi Jake, Over the last few weeks my dog’s kidneys have begun to fail. It’s been so hard to watch her suffering. She … Continue 

How can I live what I believe?

By Bree Buchanan ♦ Because you are reading this, I am willing to wager that you are someone who has struggled with the question, “How can I live what I believe?” If so, we have much in common. My Christian faith tells me to “love my neighbor as I love myself,” but I need support in putting … Continue