Shambhala Day, Year of the Earth Dog

February 16th (2018)

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall

    In the animal zodiac, dog year individuals are the most humanitarian, are selfless givers, and strive for justice and equality. They are fiercely loyal, decent, and courageous and are also magnanimous and prosperous. With the added element of earth, the energy of the dog is efficient, grounded, and vigilant.


    §  Sunrise ceremonies begin at 7:00 AM 

    Challenge yourself to participate in this fresh, brisk start to the new year!

    §  Formal dedication of new torii gate and lhasang

    §  First shot (kyudo and gin)

    §  Sadhana of Mahamudra

    §  Breakfast tacos, mimosas and other fun foods and beverages

    §  Regional Director’s Oath 

    Deputy Minister of Governance is coming from California to administer the oath of office to our new regional director, Lynette Melnar.

    §  Welcome to new members

    §  Fundraising

    §  I-Ching reading

    §  The Elixir of Life practice (if we have time)

    §  International roll call (watch Austin's great video greeting!)

    §  Sakyong’s live video address to the mandala

    §  Everyone helps clean up (it's the way of Shambhala!)

    Please register to let us know you are coming. Please include the number of adults and children in your party in the comments box of your registration. Thank you!

    Also, please note that we will have a basket for donations on Shambhala Day, if you would like to make a gift of any amount towards the event itself. Donations are not required.