Public Talk: Buddhism, Addiction, and Community

with Scott Perkins

October 19th (2018)

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  • $10 Suggested Donation
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Room: Main Meditation Hall

Addiction and compulsive behaviors impact not only the indiviuals engaged in active addiction, but also those around them. Buddhism and meditation practice can help us understand the mechanism of addiction as well as how it can impact family, friends, and even coworkers. Through our meditation practice we can explore our own experience of how addiction (our own or another's) has impacted our life with courage, acceptance, and preemptive forgiveness.

What is the relationship between our basic goodness, natural wakefulness, and inherent sanityand our experience of the insanity that addiction can bring? How can meditation practice deepen our understanding of what we are powerless over in our lives and how can this understanding give us the power to live our own lives from a place of sanity, compassion, and integrity?

Suggested donation: $10 at the door (no pre-registration)

Scott Perkins has been practicing and studying Buddhism since 1988. He received his Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies from Naropa University in 1992 and has been teaching since 1994. Scott is a recovery coach helping individuals craft personal paths/programs of recovery that support their recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors while strengthening their ability to fully experience their own lives with sanity, courage, and compassion. He has led the Heart of Recovery group in Washington, DC since 2006. Starting in 2013, he began teaching meditation programs for people in recovery across the country. He is the Chairperson for the International Heart of Recovery Working Group and has provided assistance to Shambhala Centers and retreat centers developing Heart of Recovery programs throughout the country. His is also the Director of Development for a health care policy organization in Washington, DC, where he lives with his husband, Jonathan Kirkendall, two dogs, and a life-size wooden rocking horse in his back yard.More background is available at