The Good News and the Bad News of Ego

with Rita Ricardo

August 24th -Date postponed or cancelled

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Room: Main Meditation Hall
          "Ego has no boundary; it can continuously go on, appropriating other. Whatever we come in contact with, initially we look at it in a neutral way; we see it as belonging to somebody else, or maybe belonging to no one. If we see a tree, we don’t automatically think, “My tree.” Then we build a house next to it — and after a while, we think, “My tree.” This happens in any situation. When we buy an article of clothing, at first it feels foreign, and then it begins to feel familiar as my shirt. It is other. The ego is constantly solidifying the self."  -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
    Working with ego is an ongoing process of repeatedly “unearthing what isn't there" to touch "what is".  In this class we will explore some of the teachings on ego, in order to hear both the good news and the bad news that it might bring. The dharma tells us that we can all uncover within ourselves a sense of sanity and wholeness which has never been defiled, if we are willing to look-feel within ourselves with honesty.  The teachings may help us remember that ego, a habit based on a mirage, can give way to a sense of appreciation and freedom within our human lives, if we know / remember what to do.
    Through the use of teachings, meditation, contemplation, and discussion we will explore the construct of ego and ways to soften around it. Our experiences will be invited in so that together we can uncover a sense of heartfelt —not merely intellectual— understanding. Together we will look at the solid-like reality of our daily lives when seen through the lens of ego, so that we can begin to touch and be touched by the spaciousness of our own sanity.
If you have any questions, please contact Jason Mabry.