Miksang Contemplative Photography: Touching the Phenomenal World

with Jake Lorfing & Adam Sultan

October 12th—October 13th

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  • $125 Standard price
  • $150 Patron price
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Room: Main Meditation Hall

Miksang (Good Eye) Photography is the photography of presence, as much a meditative practice as it is the process of taking photos.  It's about softening the separation between subject and object, about opening one's heart and eyes in approaching the world and dissolving the separation between self and other, and about befriending and making porous the blocks that get in the way of receptivity.  Miksang is seeing and appreciating what's right in front of us in the ever-arising, ever-fresh moment. 

The class includes instructions, assignments, and image reviews, and is appropriate for experienced and novice photographers. Participants will need a digital camera.

The price for this program is $125 ($60 for repeat).

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